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In this 3D stealth/action game you'll play Bob, the last technician of a factory which has been teleport on islands and gone mad. Make use of observation and logic to solve puzzles and find out secrets. Hide using different types of boxes and sneak without being noticed. Dodge the security robots which still continue to work to avoid triggering the alarm.

Many boxes each with their own specific usage and capabilities. Each type of box will interact differently with the environment. Learn how to make best use of them according to the situation. Hide inside or behind boxes to escape the robots


This factory is full of surprises and colorful environments. It's a place of greyish robots contrasted with joyful colors of nature.
A bit of color in this bully world.

Got caught ? No problem ! Take your time and learn from your mistakes. Use logic and remain calm to pass the robots. The more you progress the more difficult things will become but always keep in mind that boxes are your greatest ally.
Don't give up and fix this factory

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GridBox-1.2.zip 603 MB

Install instructions

- Download the zip file

- Extract the zip

- Launch the Gridbox.exe

- Enjoy ;) 

(PS: Level 2 takes time to load but it is here, just wait a bit ;) )

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